Terracity, provides a variety of National and International brands and an eating area with a capacity of 800 people at once. It has been named as Antalya`s Diamond and The Largest Shopping centre at the same time. Located in the prestigious district of lara, TerraCity brings a whole new dimension to shopping. With 180 shops, 30 restaurants and a large cinema complex, It is Antalya`s most highly desired shopping attraction.

Total Area: 21.925 m²

Number of Stores: 180 Stores

Number of Restaurants: 30

Congregation area: capacity of 800 people



Gökan Construction is proud of the reliable projects brought to life built with quality, time and cost efficiency within the construction sector.



Porto Bello Hotel, being an established brand in the 12 years of operation in the worlds 3rd most visited city; Antalya, continues to raise the bar in Quality service.


Other Projects

Apart from Construction and Tourism, the Gökan group also operates in the Furniture and mining sectors.